Creative Marketing Conference

John Molson Marketing Association
Hotel 10
March 18th 2016

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What is CMC?

JMMA's Creative Marketing Conference (CMC) is a day dedicated to explore the quintessential aspect of creativity in marketing. Our goal is to connect marketing enthusiasts with professionals that offer a valuable learning experience through their keen insights and unique approach to marketing needs.

CMC will pioneer what conferences in this day and age should be like. CMC attendees will not only learn about areas of creative marketing, but above all, they will have the opportunity to experience them. We will create an interactive environment that incorporates technology, encourages meaningful connections, and offers access to information in real-time. We want attendees to see CMC as the benchmark of what conference should be like by stimulating their creativity.

To top it off, CMC also offers JMMA's Cutthroat Marketing Game, speaker panels, workshops and a networking cocktail.

Cutthroat Marketing Game


A conference to discover and experience the quintessential aspects of creativity.


Marketing Companies

Learn about innovative and creative marketing strategies companies have used to stay competitive.


Marketing Students

Opportunity to interact and develop relationships with students and professionals from numerous fields.

How is CMC different?

It is not uncommon to sit through a conference for 8 hours, trying really hard to absorb every piece of information spoken by keynote speakers. Growing up as millennials, we know this isn't the best way to learn, interact or stimulate creativity. So JMMA decided to challenge the status quo and decided to create a whole new benchmark for what conferences should be like. At JMMA's Creative Marketing Conference (CMC), we will have a game called Cutthroat Marketing, instead of a case competition; we will have interactive speaker panels, where audiences can engage with speakers; we will offer workshops to get hands on learning; and introduce a different way of networking. Experience how conferences should be like and stimulate your creativity.

How is it priced?

We understand that you may not be able to attend the full conference so you can attend the parts of the conference without paying for the full day.

Note that the day is separated in three, 1) Cutthroat Marketing, 2) Speaker Panels & Workshops, 3) Networking Cocktail.


1) All three for $40

2) Speaker Panels, Workshops and Networking cocktail for $30

3) Only Speaker Panel & Workshops for $25

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Learn first hand from CMC’s speakers about what is takes to stay creative and inventive in the constantly changing marketing landscape.

  • Portfolio Item

    Mark Morin

    Owner & President at Strategies

    Portfolio Item

    Olivier Laflamme

    Digital Campaign Director at Radiance Media

    Portfolio Item

    Gerard Cleal

    Art Director for ALDO Group International and ALDO Product Services

Our Sponsors

Discover the amazing sponsors that help drive the success of our 3rd Annual Creative Marketing Conference.



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    "How to Creatively Launch your Online Business: 5 Simple Steps to your Freedom Lifestyle"

    Hosted by Fabienne Raphaël

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